A "Different " kind of Real Estate company

The Owner

Sue is Native to the Peninsula with 44 years of experience in the Real Estate industry.  She established Creative Realty Services, LLC in 2008 serving as the Principal Broker and is a member of The Real Estate Information Network (REIN MLS). Her primary focus is on Residential Resale Properties, but also has an extensive background in the field of New Construction. 

She is proud to say that "The majority of her business and referrals come from past customers, clients, their family, and friends". 


Her Philosophy

      "Selling a home doesn't have to be expensive to be effective."

Understanding that with all the resources available through the internet today, some consumers can buy, sell, and obtain information without the help of an agent. However, in the wake of rising interest rates, higher prices, and lower inventory, there are still consumers who need professional guidance and resources.  Sellers are looking for ways to reduce their cost of selling and Buyers need financial assistance when buying. 

My business model was designed as an alternative compromise reflective of today's landscape to accommodate the changing marketplace and evolving consumer needs. It is my desire to help Sellers by offering highly competitive listing fees in exchange for traditional full services, and if possible, to help Buyers when purchasing a home by offering credits towards their transaction.